Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Eliminating the Mystery in Marine Insurance

 Marine insurance has long been cloaked in mysterious terminology, and the coverages needed for any business have been difficult to convey clearly. To allow you to navigate these waters, LIG has launched a web-based tool, LIG MarCover, designed to remove this mystery and empower an agent or broker to identify the exposures and coverages needed to ensure your clients properly.

The LIG MarCover site is available on any browser and can run from your smartphone or tablet. It's designed specifically for anyone who is not experienced in Commercial Marine insurance to walk through a short set of questions and get the basic marine coverages needed in under 2 minutes. There is no Marine insurance knowledge required to answer the questions (mostly Yes/No), and it takes you less than 2 minutes to complete.

The questions address various business aspects of just about any account with a Commercial Marine exposure. Once answered, it delivers a simple shopping list of the coverages needed for that marine business and the ability to instantly download the applications and supplements for each exposure. Upon completion, it automatically emails you a summary of your answers and the recommended coverages.


To support you, LIG then offers our team of marine specialists, who delve deeper into the account and refine the coverages as needed.

Go to LIGMarine.com/MarCover to determine the proper coverages for your marine clients. 

Questions? Email Ask@LIGMarine.com