Friday, October 28, 2016


LIG Marine Managers is delighted to announce that we have been registered as Lloyd’s brokers. This expands further our role from being Lloyd’s coverholder and allows us to place business directly with Lloyd’s Underwriters.   Our Lloyd’s broker registration is LIG 1586.

Ian Greenway, President and CEO of LIG commented “This is a significant step in our relationship with Lloyd’s which started when we opened our doors and allows us direct access to the home of Marine Insurance”

Mark Greenway, London Market Director of LIG added “We have had our own London office since we were approved by the FCA (then FSA) in 2005 and that has only strengthened our relationships with our Lloyd’s underwriters. This registration will allow us to utilize the ability of Lloyd’s underwriters to make decisions and design custom solutions for our agents and clients”

About LIG Marine Managers
LIG Marine Managers is the leading provider of Commercial Marine and Longshore Insurance solutions to independent agencies throughout the USA and Caribbean since 1989. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Ian Greenway or Mark Greenway at: or  or call 727-578-2800