Friday, March 6, 2015

Large Vessel Longshore Requirement General Guide

Despite all the information and publicity, there is still a significant amount of confusion on who requires Longshore in the large/mega yacht repair/service market, particularly in South Florida.   The 2009 changes to the longshore act, were largely trumped by the 2012 regulations and whilst there are some minor difference this can serve as a general guide

People, repairing or servicing in ANY way any of the following types of vessels ARE Longshore
      o Skippered Charter boats of any size (from a “6-PACK” sport fisher to a super yacht that is chartered)
      o Bareboat charter boats if they have a capacity of 12 or more passengers
      o Commercial or Military vessels
      o They have a filed state act exception (they don’t apply to longshore)
      o They are an owner/operator
If any of these people do not carry Longshore coverage, the yard, marina or person that hired them would be responsible for their Longshore benefits EVEN IF the yard or marina does not have the coverage

There are slightly different rules for builders/manufacturers.

Need to know more?   See our Recreational Vessels and Longshore video at Recreational Vessels and Longshore Video