Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Longshore Rule Changes Deadline

The Department of Labor proposed rule changes to the Longshore act in response to the removal of the 65ft limitation for recreational marine repair/service business February 2009.

Full details of the proposed rule change can be found at

We have analyzed these changes and have posted our position with the DOL as a formal comment. You can find a copy of our position paper and our proposal for a better rule at Longshore Rules 701.pdf

If you have comments for the DOL on these proposals, you need to submit them before the close of tomorrow, Thursday November 18th - the easiest way is through the website enter 1240-AA02 in the search box and “PROPOSED RULES” in the document type to locate the rule and submit your comments .

If you want to read comments that have been posted by others, change the document type to public submissions.