Tuesday, June 29, 2010


OK, change time again, effective July 1st 2010, the FLORIDA rate are changing yet again...

The Longshore load of 1.19 has NOT changed for the "surcharged" rate group (surcharged classes are the typically DRY rate groups that have no specific Longshore code . . . carpenters, electricians etc. are classic examples).

But that masks the real rate reductions as the base rates for Florida risks went down an average of 4.2% - so loading them 1.19  produces the same 4.2% reduction for the equivalent Longshore codes

The Natural Longshore codes (those that have a specific F code applicable) have also gone down - here are some examples

6824F Boat Buildings                                   Old 12.24 New 11.73

6872F Ship repair                                         Old 23.16 New 22.19

6006F Marine Contractors                       Old 12.58 New 12.06

7327F Stevedoring Containerized         Old 20.19 New 19.34

These new rates apply only for risks that are new or renewing after July 1st 2010

Oh well 1/1/2011 will soon be here... any guesses on the rates then?