Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Power of The Keyboard!

The September 6, 2009 post "NC Longshore Rates Rise?" highlighted the hidden rate increase for Waterfront employers in NC , buried within a rate cut for other NC employers.

I am delighted to advise that the blog was brought to the NC Insurance Commissioner's, Wayne Goodwin, personal attention and he instructed his staff to look into the details of the calculation, and then persuaded the NC Rating bureau to significantly lower this rise.

Details of the changes will be posted shortly, but Mr. Goodwin has issued an invitation to those of you who are on Facebook to sign onto to the NC DOI page or sign up for their RSS feeds at in order to keep up to date with the latest updates from their department.

This blog was designed to educate and inform, but now has the additional benefit of helping to put a significant amount of money back into the pockets of NC waterfront employers!

Kudos to Mr. Goodwin and his staff for making the effort to help our small sector of the market!

OK, which state is next?