Monday, August 24, 2009

Florida WC 6.8% Rate Cut

NCCI are recommending an overall average rate decrease of 6.8% effective 1/1/2010. NCCI attributed the rate decline primarily due to a significant reduction in claims frequency, although there are signs the pace of improvement has moderated.

If approved, the rate decrease would be the seventh consecutive decline since the Legislature passed reforms to the state's workers' compensation system in 2003. The cumulative overall statewide average rate decrease since 2003 would total 63.2%.

So what will the final number be? So far the initial filing has always been rejected in favor of a larger decrease. Aare we looking at another double digit rate decrease?

But when is enough enough? Carrier have been making noise already that Florida is not a preferred state, but now are we going to start finding carriers withdraw from the state?

And what about the poor agents and brokers? 63.2% rate decrease, also means 63.2% commission decrease – add to that payrolls plummeting in certain industries and some agent have lost 80%+ of their workers compensation revenue stream!

We do not yet have the initial numbers for the Longshore class codes, but will post as soon as they are available.